Thousands of years after a magical catastrophe that changed the face of the world, The Nations of Tramier are once again reaching across the ocean towards an unexplored frontier. It's a new age of sail where Dwarves, Elves, Humans and Orcs brave the seas to explore dense, alien jungles, beautiful tropical islands and blasted wastes in search of treasures and artifacts from a mysterious past. 

Along with the Navies, explorers and merchants come the pirates. Wherever there is treasure, adventure and the chance of building a legacy to last an age you'll find pirates. When the Jolly Roger is spotted flying on the horizon you better be prepared to surrender your treasure, lest you chance being boarded, ran through and sent to the depths!

This campaign follows a crew of pirates as they explore the oceans of Tramier and loot, plunder and drink their way to adventure. We'll be using the Genesys gaming system along with a home brewed sailing combat system. We're all new to the system so it should be an exciting time!

A Pirate's Life

De velde  battle of solebay ben_w_park Pigglesworth Josh_DeVita